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So many people are So fucking stupid

Leave it to a user of livejournal to redefine what I thought to be the definition of stupid. Please read both her post and the subsequent comments by other users of live journal. Soon, you will see how fucking retarded someone has to be to not Google something they have a question about. "Say, Bill, where is the closest gas station to my house?" "Uh... I don't know, why dont you go on the internet, but not to look it up, to fucking post about it on your two bit stupid journal, thereby opening yourself up to a barrage of insults that mirrors the bitzkrieg." "Yeah, sounds good."

Look at what royalty did now: "incandescent with rage".


Get off my Brother's Blog Dick

Any sexy ladies looking to comment on one sweet blog? M here looking for hot F who likes to leave Cs on other people's Bs. No Fattys.

I've decided that since people in this community are just looking to flatter and flirt with everyone else, I would just make this like the fucking confidential section of some two bit news paper from Louisiana. So rather than attempt to meet a real lady, I am just going to play my cards at the international lady invitational, I mean, the internet. It seems to work for my brother, who, without even trying, seems to be realin' in those internet ladies. Problem is... his real life lady wants them all to get off his blog dick.

Well, then goddamnit, I am going to do the only American thing I can fucking think of doing right now... and that is to issue a blanket statement to all ladies. :: Ahem :: Hey, pretty ladies, thats right I'm talking to you. Want a better blog dick? Then hop of that blog you know isnt gonna fetch you that fame and fortune you're after, and get on board here, the blog that promises nothing and comes through with even less. Thats right ladies. Get off my Brother's Blog Dick.


Two thousand and Five

Ever since the new year came in with a awefully similar sensation to every other new year, I've been putting together some pieces to usher in the new year in style. To print and give, or just to oogle on my desktop. Heres one that came from the piece of cow-side goodness.

Feel free to grab a copy for yourself.


Creative Tag of the Century

I am a greedy bastard. I hate to share and I hate when other people have things I dont. Take for instance, screen names. When someone has a good one, and I mean a real funny, witty, clever, awesome one; we all know it. So I got me a fucking collection. I take them as soon as I think of them, so that when "iamdoctorphil" gets worn out I can make the quick switch to "screw vietnam".

So I woke to snatch "screw vietnam" from the AIM pool of wonders. Then I moved my friend into his apartment. Then I came home and watched a one hour special about the International Steak Cookoff of Arkansas. (Which will now be referred to as the ISCA). Sixty minutes of meat will either A. Kill you B. Turn you Vegetarian or C. Make you cook a fucking steak. So I was my own world champ for about 20 minutes of cow-side goodness.

Oh, as if I could have forgot the most Creative Tag of the Century. This is a real gem. What ever mongoloid got his hands on a sakura paint marker, should be hunted down and handed a dictionary of more awesome, cool words to use. Oh and then beaten to death with the dictionary.